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Who we are


MASCULINI is the producer of Mens Wedding Suits, Ceremony Suits, Prom Jackets, Blazers, Business Suits, Mens Shirts and Shoes. With the help of the huge experience and ability to predict the oncoming fashion in this its field, the designers of the company prepares very unique collections every year which gains admiration by the clients who are also the best buyers all over the World. The fabrics of the collection are also created with great care and the combinations are being made in detail.

Established with the valued experiences of its partners from the fields of production, marketing, sales and sourcing , Masculini Fashion Group is now one of the most respectable, reliable and innovative company in its field. By the years, with the strong partnerships and valued feedbacks from its clients, Masculini put many values to its employees and  developed every manner of management systems year by year.



  • Ready to Wear

We have arround 15.000 pcs of ready made garments and accessories in our warehouse where our clients can make directly orders. Customers can view our collections and choose the right option meeting their needs. Shipment of ready made items are done whitin 24h.   

  • Private Label Production

As we are experienced in private label production, It is possible with our company to choose the models from our own collection or to make modifications on them or to create your own model. We make unique collections specially to our clients, and make the production of their own collections.

  • Cmt Production

We also offer our customers the option of making production with us at CMT basis. Due to our capability of reading and converting DFX pattern files, customers can easily send us their patterns by e-mail. In cases where customers don't have digital patterns we are still able to generate their patterns by using their measurement tables. 

Quality Management


All products that we produce and deliver are strictly submitted to specific quality control managements such as shrinkage allowance, measuring, spot & stain controls, and sustainability. 

Our quality managers are continuously working to avoid any quality failing, in so far a product can leave our warehouses only when it passes all the single quality controls.

However our business is human controlled and it is very open for any mistake or failure. But our customers can stay confident, because any product supplied by us is 100% under our guarantee. Any failure will be corrected immediately. 

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